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A Profile of the Department

The Department of Economics, Charuchandra College, was a brainchild of Dr. S. N. Ray, the first Principal of this college. He was a D. Lit., from Oxford University. As he was well conversant with international academic atmosphere, he realized the important role that students of economics would play in the understanding of the political economy of India. With this objective he introduced both Economics Honours and General Courses simultaneously in 1st October 1947. This department has always been lucky to be associated with scholars and illustrious teachers.


  • To impart quality education among students.
  • To create interest among the students about the subject so that they can opt Economics for higher studies.
  • To make the students creative and research oriented.
  • To develop analytical power among the students in order to increase their employability.
  • To open up the vast and dynamic horizon in the field of economics in front of the students.
  • To bring up the essence of economics as a subject and its values in the current world scenario.


  • To provide education not only to pass their exam but also to inculcate a sound knowledge about the subject.
  • To give utmost importance to the socially, economically marginalized sections of students.
  • To guide the students for appearing in the competitive exams which will help them in future endeavors.
  • To prepare a student such that, when leaving college after completion of the three-year degree course, he/she is equipped with a positive frame of mind, has basic communication skills, should have acquired the ability to explain something analytically, and above all, should have developed a balanced personality.