Charuchandra College


Affiliated to Calcutta University

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Teaching Methods Adopted

Teaching methods adopted to improve student learning  - Classroom lecture method with occasional audio-visual presentation.

Diversity of students  -

Rich diversity of students from all strata of social structure, male and female students ratio almost 1:2, specially  from North-Eastern states like Mizoram.

Departmental activities -

Inter class elocution, debate etc..

Departmental  infrastructure -

N.A. as we do not have any such apace allotted specially for the department.

SWOC  analysis  :-

S - Very  efficient teaching staff.
W - Poor reach due to lack of communication  among H.S. students.
O - Recent acquisition of more spaces by the college  which  will enable  department to have its own  space to  run the department efficiently.
C - Acquiring  University  permission for honours.

Future plans  -

Planning  to get  University  permission to start honours course along with  more  teaching  post  to  cope  with.