Charuchandra College


Affiliated to Calcutta University

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Teaching Methods Adopted

Student Centric interactive Teaching-Learning process / Lecture Method / Special Classes or tutorials / Class Tests/ Seminars / Online Method in Covid situation.

Seminars/Conferences/Workshops organized & the source of funding:

  • A half day seminar was organised in the department on 29/09/2015. The speakers were, Mr. Satwik Sarkar and Smt. Joyati Mandal (both were Guest Lecturers in the department).
  • A half day seminar on “Astronomy and Astrophysics”. There was a talk and exhibition cum demonstration of solar equipment using Super Capacitors. Speaker Prof. Narayan Banerjee and Prof. ParthaSarathiMazumder.

Details on student enrichment programmes (special lectures/workshops/ seminar) with external experts:

  • One day UGC sponsored seminar on “Quantum Mechanics: Inception, Evolution and Future”, held at Narsinha Dutta College from Nov.24-Nov.26, 2011.
  • One day seminar on “INO: A Window to the Universe” an outreach meeting at Science City, Kolkata on 08.11.2013.

Educational Tour:

  • The Department has organised an educational visit at S N Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences in 2018.
  • The Department has organised an educational visit at VECC, Kolkata in 2017.
  • The Department has organised an educational visit at BITM, Kolkata in 2013, 2014 and 2015.
  • The department has organized an industrial visit to Kolaghat Thermal Power Station in 2013-14.

Participation in Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR) and Extension activities:

The Students and the Faculty members participate in the Institutional Social Responsibility and Extension activities organized by the College NSS Unit.

Student projects:

Mr. Shubham Roy and Ankana Chowdhury of outgoing batch of year 2013 are pursuing under Dr. KekaBasu Choudhury, a project named “A process to Harness and study the nature of Lightning Energy” through college funding.


Awards / Recognition

  • The poster entitled “Spectroscopic Study of High Energy Electron Beam Irradiation on Plant Biopolymers” by Shuvam Roy, Ankana Chowdhury and HimadriMullick has been awarded Best Poster Presentation in Department of Atomic Energy: Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences Sponsored National Workshop on Particle Radiation: Effects and Application at S.A. Jaipuria College on 23, 24 February 2016.

Laboratory Details

Our department has 05 laboratories comprising on:

  • Two Honours Lab
  • One General Lab
  • One Dark room
  • One Computer Lab

In spite of the space related problems, we try to keep our laboratory well-equipped as possible. For details of our Laboratory Stock please see.

Our department has six computers and three printers. Detail configurations of Computers and printers are given below.

Details of the computer Specification of model Quantity Printer
OS – Windows XP Professional
Processor – Intel (R) Pantium (R) Dual Core CPU E2160 @ 1.80 GHz 1.79 GHz
RAM – 0.99GB
System type – 32 bit
Hard disk – 500GB (Samsung)
Quick heal installed on 04/08/2015
Compaq (Desktop) 1 HP Inkjet (1)
HP Laserjet 810C (1)
HP Laserjet 1018 (1)
HP Laserjet P1008 (1)
OS – Windows XP Professional Version 2002 S/P 2
Processor – Intel (R) Pantium (R) Dual Core CPU E5700 @ 3.00 GHz 3.00 GHz
RAM – 1.93GB
System type – 32 bit
Hard disk – 500GB (Samsung)
(No antivirus)
Assembled (Desktop) 1

OS – Windows 8 Pro
Processor – Intel (R) Core (TM) i3 – 3220T CPU @ 2.80 GHz 2.80 GHz
System type – 64 bit
Hard disk – 500GB
Quick heal installed on 07/06/2014
P. No. – H4H50AAHACJ
P2 – 1401il

HP (Desktop)
Sr. No. – 3CR3040L00
HP (Desktop)
Sr. No. – 3CR3040M05
HP (Desktop)
Sr. No. – 3CR3040L8N
HP (Desktop)
Sr. No. – 3CR3040LVZ

SWOC analysis of the department and Future plans:


  • Competent and motivated scientific and educational staff with a
  • favourable age structure.
  • Good coordination amongst the teachers and the non-teaching staff.
  • Interaction with students beyond class hours to help them to overcome any difficulties they face in the class.
  • Favourable ratio between teachers and students that provides a quality education beyond the scope of the syllabus.
  • Special/Tutorial classes are taken on required basis to help students.
  • Sharing of rooms and using facilities with other departments
  • Younger members of the Department are active in research, publishing and future possibilities of attracting financial resources.


  • Inadequacy of space to adjust Laboratory instruments at proper places
  • No dedicated classroom with smart board facility
  • No targeted growth and recruitment plan.
  • Limited sustainability in funding.
  • Limited financial support and place for pursuing minorproject.


  • Opportunity to get various forms of national and international         recognitions in the form of fellowships and awards.
  • Opportunity to do interdisciplinary research.


  • All our weaknesses do not stop us from aspiring for better performance of our students and it is not always that we do not get results.
  • The inadequacy of space does not stop us from giving our students quality laboratory facilities which are very much appreciated by the students.
  • To balance various types of responsibilities for the faculty.
  • To sensitize the students and faculty in safeguarding the environmental, atmospheric degradation when they pursue science

Future Plans:

  • Extension, Renovation and up gradation of laboratories and multiplication of laboratory instruments if space being provided.
  • Setting up of a research wing to do research of modern interest.