Charuchandra College


Affiliated to Calcutta University

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Teaching Methods Adopted

  • Smart classroom
  • Student-centric interactive teaching – Learning process
  • Lecture method of teaching adopted
  • Special classes and Tutorials
  • Online classes through Google meet
  • Assignments and notes through WhatsApp
  • Sharing pdf through email

Diversity of Students:

Students come from all different categories and communities. Few students come from other states like Bihar, Sikkim, Assam etc.

Departmental Activities:

  • 2015 – National Mathematics Day Exhibition on Application of Mathematics on Biological Systems: Introducing Bacterial Quorum Sensing
  • 2016 – (i) Publication of Departmental journal “Seema: The Limit” volume XI
  • National Mathematics Day Exhibition on Brainstorming Puzzles and Paradoxes
  • • 2017 – (i) Departmental Seminar on Quantum Aspects of Quorum Sensing
  • (ii) Workshop on Prime Numbers

    (iii) National Mathematics Day Exhibition on Our Amazing Universe

  • 2018 – Parent – Teacher meeting
  • 2019 – (i) Excursion to BTM
  • (ii)Parent – Teacher meeting
    (iii) Publication of Wall Magazine
    (iv) Departmental Quiz Contest

  • 2020-  Publication of Departmental journal “Seema: The Limit” volume XII and Question Bank.
  • 2022 - Excursion to Zero Gallery, Narendrapur RK Mission
  • 2023: A Reunion of Ex-students was arranged on the occasion of Retirement of our beloved colleague, Dr. Supriti Saha, on January 31, 2023. Here are some glimpses:

    On 28/4/2023, Friday, Department of Mathematics, Ramkrishna Mission Residential College, Narendrapur organized its Departmental Annual Festival “Infinity 2023”, in which inter-college competition on Quiz, Debate, Puzzle Solving etc. are the major events. Among around forty colleges, eight students of Charuchandra College, all of Mathematics Honours, Semester VI & II, participated in the above events. By defeating five other tough competitors in the Final, our quiz team consisting of Debabrata Goswami and Pritam Banerjee became Champion by scoring 55 points. The nearest competitor was St. Xavier’s College, with 30 points.

Departmental Infrastructure :

  • Two demonstration classrooms.
  • Two Desktop Computers with BW Laser Printer

SWOC Analysis:

Strength: The department has facilities and modern technology for interactive teaching by highly qualified teachers.

Weakness: Faculty strength is a major constraint, especially under the CBCS system, as a result of which choices of new courses cannot be offered.

Opportunities: Ability to organize different constructive academic activities throughout the year.

Challenges:To minimise the weaknesses and try to increase the opportunities.

Future plans

  • Planning for better input for the students with a view to improving results and develop bright careers.
  • To start PG course.

Department of Mathematics

A list of facilities available in the department and their current status (2023). List prepared on the basis of NAAC report of 2014 and updates given by Dr. Suman Datta who is in- charge of the technical devices.

SL NO Date and Day
Interactive smart board All components are damaged.
Two air-conditioners Both are damaged but not replaced.
Short – throw projector with remote control device All components are damaged.
Interactive device (silicon tip electronic pen with suitable
All components are damaged.
Close circuit camera for direct projection from printed
All components are damaged.
Recording system which includes one still and one video
camera for recording important departmental activities
Most    of    the    components    are damaged. Need repairing.
Lighting arrangement for high density recording Some bulbs need change
One pocket projector All components are damaged.
3 laptops for teachers and students All are seriously damaged.
One 4- in-one device: printer cum scanner cum copier cum fax. All components are damaged.
Three laser printers All but one are damaged.
One dry cabinet for preserving delicate electronic accessories. Completely damaged.
Internet connection in one desktop Wi-fi not working