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NSS Unit

The NSS Unit of the College is actively engaged in various programmes like Cleaning the Campus, Sanitizing the locality, spreading Health Awareness among the slum dwellers, and offering food and clothes to the victims of natural calamity. Seminars on Human Rights, Consumer Awareness, Problems of Adolescence, HIV Awareness, and Prevention of Unwanted Pregnancy are arranged to make our students aware of different facets of the society they live in.

The College NSS Unit under University of Calcutta has already bagged several prizes and awards in the State Level. Active participation by a large number of students in NSS Programmes has made our NSS Unit an asset of the College.

What is NSS?

The National Service Scheme is an Indian government sector public service program conducted by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports of the Government of India. Popularly known as NSS, it is a voluntary program under which young students from colleges, universitiesand 10+2 level, work towards creating a campus-community linkage.

Moto of NSS ….

National Service Scheme (NSS) was introduced in 1969 with the primary objective of developing the personality and character of the student youth through voluntary community service. ‘Education through Service’ is the purpose of the NSS. Very appropriately, the motto of NSS is “NOT ME, BUT YOU”. An NSS volunteer places the ‘community’ before ‘self’.More appropriately, a national volunteer can help anybody at anywhere in India by simply joining with the hands of NSS.


To recognise the outstanding work done by NSS Volunteers, NSS Programme Officer of Charuchandra College, Smt Nupur Roy who had become Nodal Officer of Kolkata from Covid period had won best NSS Programme Officer in Calcutta University (Gold Medal) in a convocation day by Honourable CM Smt Mamata Banerjee. In her regime the college got :-

  • Best NSS PO in University of Calcutta (2011)
  • Best Special Camp – Charuchandra College (2011)
  • Best NSS College -        Charuchandra College (2012)
  • Best NSS Volunteer in University of Calcutta – Amlan  (2012)
  • Best State NSS PO (      2018)
  • Best State NSS Volunteer – Arijit Ghatak (2018)
  • Best NSS Volunteer in University of Calcutta – Nupur Banerjee (2018)
  • Best NSS PO in University of Calcutta (Gold Medal) by Hounourable CM Smt Mamata Banerjee (2018)
  • Best NSS PO in University of Calcutta in occasion of Golden Jubilee year (2019)

Special Activities by NSS….

  • Fit India Movement program
  • Christmas Day Celebration
  • Road safety week observation with Kolkata Police
  • Cleaning of college campus, Howrah Station,Metro Railways, heritage places i.e. Indian Museum, Science City etc.
  • NSS Special Camp activities
  • Self defence program for girls NSS volunteers
  • Poush Utsav organised by West Bengal government
  • NSS Day Celebration
  • Food and garments collection for Kerala flood relief camp
  • Meeting of Honourable CM with teacher’s faculty of WB at Netaji Indoor Stadium
  • Co-ordinated NSS parade in red road as a contingent leader
  • Providingfood and medical products like sanitiser, musk, etc. to the people during covid period with a group of 10 special NSS volunteers
  • Organised Dengue awareness rally with all Calcutta University NSS units
  • AIDS day observation
  • Disability day observation
  • Sea explores Institute for disaster management training
  • NSS team in college sports

Why should I join National Service Scheme…?

  • By joining NSS I will opt for a journey to discover myself.
  • I will learn about my strength, weakness and will definitely learn about amazing skills and qualities like leadership and teamwork among people with different streams.
  • I will get exposure for my works and talents even for small contribution and achievements.
  • I will explore different cultures, mentality and actual situations/ problems in different parts of the state, in villages, in different parts of countries and even different nations through NSS special campus, state camps, National camps and international exchange programs.
  • The work I will do will provide itself satisfaction which is worth of spending time in it. It is one of the best extra – curricular activity to be a part of.
  • By doing work in it I will be definitely contributing in building nation.
  • I will learn a lot about participating, performing and organizing an event.
  • It helps in developing public speaking quality.
  • It makes me a socially active and responsible person. I will learn to stand up different among the crowd.
  • It develops myproblemsolving skills and will be able to solve real life and practical problems. It provides me with a lot of opportunities to learn new things.