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Career Counseling Cell

C-six, the Career Counselling Cell of Charuchandra College has started functioning towards its primary goal to motivate and orient the students about what to do after graduating from this College. It also guides the students about their present academic state, whether they are on the right track to perform well in their University Examinations as well as in various Competitive Examinations. This Cell is always ready to help all the willing students in all respect to build a bright future. The Cell guides the students in -

  • Preparing their own CVs
  • Developing their Communication and Computing Skills
  • Guiding the students as Subject Experts, helping them to solve previous years question papers.
  • Participation in Career Orientation Programmes organized by different Agencies/Institutions in our College Campus.
  • Getting information of such programmes outside the College.


  1. Arena Animation Seminar Dated 29.11.2023: Download
  2. BSE Seminar Dated 17.03.2023: Download
  3. Credo-Fashion & Design dated 18.12.2023: Download
  4. Edunet Seminar Dated 28.11.2023: Download
  5. Globsyn Seminar Dated 09.12.2022: Download
  6. ICICI Seminar Dated 25.04.2023: Download
  7. Techno Seminar Dated 29.11.22: Download