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Charuchandra College was established in 1947 and since its birth, the Department of Physics has been an integral part of the college. At first only intermediate courses were taught but gradually the Department was upgraded for graduate teaching. The first teachers of Physics to join the college were Prof Piyush Ghosh and Prof Birendra Kumar Ray. Both of them later became acting Principals of the college. After them joined Dr.Jibendra Nath Siddhata, Prof Debdas Chakraborty, Dr.Jibanmoy Bhattacharyya, Sri Bimal Chandra Bag (Demonstrator), Sri Parbati Shankar Basu (Graduate Laboratory Instructor) and the Department was affiliated for Honours teaching in 1971. Dr. Shankar Chakraborty joined the Department in late sixties but quit the job and went to USA for Higher research. Dr.Soumen Roy was next to join the college but in the eightees he also left the college and joined Jadavpur University. Bhaskar Gupta joined the college in 1976, then came Dr. Gautam Ghosh who left for Germany and resigned. Next to join was Dr.Snehalata Biswas, Dr.Sofia Khatun, Dr.KekaBasu Choudhury, Prof. Ratan Das.

Among the laboratory staff most senior was Sri Nripendranath Chanda. Then we had Sri Shyam Sundar Mondal, Sri Radhanath Das and Sri BhagabanNayek. After they retired Sri Sanjoy Ghosh, Sri Sanjoy Das and Sri Jayanta Sutradhar joined the Department. Sri Sanjoy Das was later shifted to The Department of Chemistry and Sri Ratan Sutradhar joined in his place.

Ex Students of this Department are doing various types of jobs … many of them are very well established. One of the students of the first batch is a doctor. We have Bank Managers, WBCS officers, Professors, Teachers among our students. Many have settled abroad.

Vision& Mission of the department


Bring up its students as educated individuals by

  • Fostering quantitative analysis and problem solution skills to adapt wide range of career paths.
  • Providing the students with an adequate background in physics through its normal programmes to increase their chances of success in their future career years.
  • Improving every aspect of the physics education and applications.


  • The department's mission is to accumulate the physics knowledge, sharing it in a scientific community, nurture respect and care for each other as well as bear social responsibility.
  • We are dedicated to teaching and learning physics in a collaborative, performance-based community. We encourage observation and analysis of the natural science and we seek to develop the skills for advancing our knowledge for providing solutions to challenges we face as individuals, communities, and societies.
  • We have dedication for lifelong learning through academic and social programmes; acquirement of new knowledge through research and project activities in few thrust areas of interdisciplinary science.

Brief Overview of Physics Department, Charuchandra College

  1. Year of Establishment: 1st October 1947
  2. Names of Programmes/Courses offered:

    B.Sc. (Honours) [on and from 1971]
    & B.Sc. (General) in Physics

  3. Annual/ semester/choice-based credit system (programme wise):

    As per CU norms (Semester)

  4. Number of Teaching posts:

    As an undergraduate college, there are no sanctioned posts for Professors and Associate Professors.

    Designation Sanctioned Filled
    Professors 0 0
    Associate Professors 0 0
    Asst. Professors 5 5
  5. Number of Academic support staff: 03
  6. Qualifications of Teaching Faculty: 03 Teachers with M. Sc., Ph.D., 02 Teacher with M. Sc., NET.
  7. Details of Infrastructural facilities

    Department has 05 laboratories comprising on:

    1. One dark room (17’7”X 12’3”) and
    2. One computer Lab (16’9”X6’8”)
    3. Two Honours Lab (27’4”X22’10” and 21”8”X 16”8”)
    4. One General Lab (16’8”X10’7”)
    5. Department has six computers and three printers.