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  1. The Department of Mathematics was established on 1st October, 1947.
  2. The Department offers B.Sc Honours (on and from the year 1997) and B. Sc General course in Mathematics. CBCS system is followed as per CU norms.
  3. CBCS (choice based credit system) is followed as per CU norms.
  4. Aim Of the department is to
    • Teach the students to appreciate the beauty and power of mathematics and to be able to understand what mathematics is about and what mathematicians can achieve.
    • Guide the students so that they are able to link theory and applications and are capable to apply mathematics in a variety of settings.
    • Help the students to use technological tools effectively and appropriately.
  5. Number of Teaching posts
  6. WE are an undergraduate college under CU, so there are no sanctioned posts for professor and Associate Professor.

Designation Sanctioned Filled
Professors 0 0
Associate Professors 0 0
Assistant professors 3 3