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Affiliated to Calcutta University

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Department of Botany established since inception of this College in 1947 offers B. Sc. Honours course from 1997. Department presently has six fulltime CSC-appointed faculty members and four laboratory staff. Its laboratory and library are well stocked and equipped with smart-board projector. Our alumni include College professors, school teachers, researchers, environmental chemists, bankers, managers, TV actors, government employees etc.

Year of Establishment:

1st October 1947

Names of Programmes/Courses offered :

B.Sc. (Honours) [ on and from 23.10.1997] & B.Sc. (General) in Botany

Annual/ semester/choice based credit system (programme wise):

As per CU norms (Annual and Semester (CBCS) system)

Participation of the department in the courses offered by other departments:

As per CU, General courses in combination with B. Sc. Hons. In Zoology and B. Sc. General (Bio)

Head of The Department:

Dr. Anshuman Saha


  1. To provide C.U. Courses in Undergraduate level Botany Honours and General.
  2. To practice knowledge coupled with practical skills
  3. To develop personality, character and self-discipline by providing with effective education, field-study, outdoor exposure and books and periodicals.
  4. To inculcate research aptitude and to cultivate scientific outlook

Special features of the Department:

  1. Highly qualified teaching faculties
  2. Application of Smart-board Projector
  3. Research work and publications
  4. Rooftop pot-garden of medicinal plants
  5. Excursions, Seminars, Re-union, Exhibition and cultural program
  6. Intra-Departmental News Magazine