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Journalism & Masscommunication Department


The department of Journalism and Mass Communication,Charuchandra College, Kolkata has beensteadfast in its efforts to engender the prestigious values and application of the subject amongst the student of the department. It emphasizes fundamental and general cultural knowledge along with theoretical courses. The primary goal of the department is to raise competent students in the field of multimedia publishing, broadcasting, photography, with advanced knowledge in communication, media and journalism. The department is consistently working towards comprehensive and all-inclusive syllabi that include audio-visual literacy where the students do not just become passive consumers but also active producers of media content.


  • To shape a responsive education and training system that meets the needs and raises the aspirations of all learners.
  • To advance the progress of learners at risk of educational disadvantage and learners with special educational needs in order to support them to achieve their potential.
  • To equip education and training providers with the skills and support to provide a quality learning experience.
  • To intensify the relationships between education and the wider community, society and the economy.
  • To lead in the delivery of strategic direction and supportive systems in partnership with key stakeholders in education and training

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Under Graduate General Course


Based credit system: CBCS

Number of teaching posts:One permanent with one SACT