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The department of History was set up in 1947, together with the inception of Charuchandra College .The Department offers Undergraduate General Courses in History. Previously the syllabus was based on the 1+1+1system.Since the introduction of the Semester System in 2018, the syllabus is based on the C.B.C.S.system, offering different courses in the six semesters.

There is only one permanent post in this Department. However recently a teacher in the SACT (State Aided College Teacher) category has also been appointed. Previously she had joined as a part time Lecturer. Her date of joining as a part timer is 14th January, 2019, and her date of joining as a SACT is 1st January 2020.

The permanent post is filled by Dr.SuparnaSen, and the other post by Smt. Ranu Mistry (SACT).