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The department of education, CharuchandraCollege, Kolkata has been undeterred in its efforts to instill the hallowed values of the subject amongst the student of the department. Its seeks to draw the best from the teachings and principles of swami Vivekananda , Rabindranarth Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Pestalozzi, Dewey, The fathers of modern education and disseminate the same among our young and bright pupils using lucid communication processes and unfailing , time-tested pedagogic methodology.


  • To shape a responsive education and training system that meets the needs and raises the aspirations of all learners
  • To advance the progress of learners at risk of educational disadvantage and learners with special educational needs in order to support them to achieve their potential
  • To equip education and training providers with the skills and support to provide a quality learning experience
  • To intensify the relationships between education and the wider community, society and the economy
  • To lead in the delivery of strategic direction and supportive systems in partnership with key stakeholders in education and training

Name of the programmes /Courses offered

Under graduate General Course

Annual/semester/Courses/Choice based credit system


Number of teaching posts

One permanent with one SACT