Charuchandra College


Affiliated to Calcutta University

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Code of Conduct

Students are expected to maintain the highest standards of discipline and dignified manner of behaviour inside as well as outside the College campus. They shall abide by the rules and regulations of the College and should act in a way that highlights the discipline and esteem of the College.

The student shall be regular and sincere about his/her studies.

Students must uphold academic integrity, respect all persons and their rights and property and safety of others.

Students must refrain from mishandling and tampering with library books or college computer systems.

Use of Mobile Phone during class hours is prohibited and is liable for punishment.

Any kind of malpractice during examinations will not be tolerated.

There shall be no act of discrimination (Physical or verbal conduct) based on an individual’s gender, caste, race, religion or religious beliefs, colour, region, language, disability, or sexual orientation.

Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited. Disciplinary action will be taken against those who violate this rule.

There shall be noTheft, Damage to or destruction of any property of the Institute or any property of others on the College.

Any damage or defacement of college property is a punishable offence.

Use of Mobile Phone during class hours is prohibited and is liable for punishment.

Smoking, chewing and spitting tobacco products or pan masala, consumption of alcohol or narcotic drugs is strictly prohibited inside the college premises. Violation of this rule will invite disciplinary action.

Students are expected to use the social media carefully.

In any such case against a student for a possible breach of code of conduct, disciplinary actions might be taken by the College authority.