Charuchandra College


Affiliated to Calcutta University

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Vision & Mission

In our College we try to provide a student-centered environment, ensuring that all students have equitable opportunities to achieve their transfer, career education, and lifelong learning educational goals. The College cultivates in its students the ability to think critically and creatively, communicate effectively, reason quantitatively, and understand and appreciate different points of view within a diverse community.

Our College may not have some facilities which other colleges can offer, but we are happy with what we have. All of us have a feeling and a sense of belonging for the College. We are like a family—there are differences of opinions, debates and discussions; but at the end of the day we all belong to our College; we are the happy members of a joint family.

Our vision is to be a premier educational institution that practises quality pedagogy, encourages innovation and research while instilling values and providing a vibrant environment for the holistic development of students into valuable global citizens in limited urban space available in our College. Our College is committed to being a preeminent institution of learning, renowned for its quality of academic life, its diverse culture and practice of personal support and development, student success, and its dynamic, innovative programs that prepare students for the university, the modern workplace, and the global community.

Our College has to be assessed not in comparison with other colleges in other States; but in keeping in view the inherent limitations within which we have to work. But, we have never deviated from our professed aim, and we always try to make our students realize and translate into their lives the motto of our College—ALTIO RAPETO—I Seek Higher Life.

Our Objectives

  • To hone students’ knowledge, curiosity and help them gain depth in their chosen area of study to achieve  academic excellence
  • To enable them to prepare for lifelong learning by nurturing independent thinking.
  • To sensitize the students towards the immediate environment and the society at large.
  • To provide a platform to actualize students’ talents and encourage them to mould their passion into profession.