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History Of Charuchandra College

Charuchandra College has been christened after Late CharuchandraChattopadhyay, a notable Indian nationalist. It has its history embedded in the country’s post-partition scenario, when Dr.SatyendraNath Roy and some other eminent academicians of Dacca University and its affiliated colleges initiated a move to establish a College in South Calcutta, to cater to the needs of migrant refugees from erstwhile East Pakistan.

The family members of Late CharuchandraChattopadhyay, following Charuchandra’s spirit of social work, came forward to assist in this noble task. The College was founded on 1st October 1947, with Dr.S.N.Ray as the first Principal and was housed in its present premise at 22 Lake Road, Kolkata – 700 029.

The abiding motto of Charuchandra College is ALTIORAPETO – I SEEK HIGHER LIFE. This motto is conceived not merely in rhetorical terms that reiterate a zealous spirit, but real-life manoeuvres, aimed at the all-round physical and mental growth of students, by mingling knowledge of science with society.