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Our College Library

Charuchandra College Library was established along with the establishment of the college in 1947 in order to fulfill the academic needs of the faculty members, students and non teaching staff.  The College Library provides qualitative opportunities for learning to its user.  Library has made efforts to provide space for academic activities for the user, which may be accessible by all.

The library was formerly housed in the Ground Floor, when the college had only its ground floor structure. The first and second floors of the building were gradually built up, and in 1960-61, the current four- storey structure took its present shape and the library was shifted in the second floor.  The approx total area of the existing library is 1029 sq ft.

Within the library, the Processing Unit, the Circulation area, the Stack area, the space for Periodical Display Cabinet, Photocopy machine and the space for two PCs (one for OPAC search and one for data entry) are accommodated to meet the needs of the library users and to continue with the house keeping activities.  A reading space is provided for students and a separate area is demarcated for faculty members for their study in the library.   The students of morning section are also provided the facilities of using library in the morning shift.  The air-conditioned Stack Room and the Reading Room are both under CCTV Surveillance.

Library Collection

Our college library contains a rich collection of near 26,000 books, (Text Books & Reference), 11 Peer reviewed Journals, 3 Magazines and 2 Daily News papers.  Being a member of N-LIST the College Library is considered as an authorized user of under N-LIST programme, under UGC –INFONET Digital Library Consortium to have access to the e-resources (6000+ e-Journals and 97000+ e-books).

Membership :

Library Membership is compulsory and open access facilities are available.  Every Arts, Science and Commerce Honours & General student will get 2 cards after their admission in the First Year.  Cards must be updated in each year. In order to obtain/updation of the Library Card you have to bring their Acknowledgement Card in original and 03 (three) Stamp Size (2.5 c.m. x 2.5 c.m) photographs.  Students are to pay over-due charges 50 paisa per book and per day for late return of the books. In case of loss of card, the user should report immediately to the Librarian in a written form.  Duplicate card is issued on payment of Rs.5/- as duplicate card fee.

Library Hours

Central Library
Monday to Friday 10.30 a.m. to 5.15 p.m.
Saturday 10.30 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Morning Section
Monday to Saturday 7.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.
PG Students
Monday to Friday 5.00 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.

The College Library remains closed on Sunday and on the notified University holidays.

Library Services

  • General Services :
    1. Lending of books, journals etc.
    2. Searching to OPAC.
    3. Reprography service is available in the college library through photo-copying of books and journal articles on demand against payment of charges as decided by authority.
  • Specialized services  :
    1. The library is provided reference service in terms of some reference tools like Dictionary, Encyclopedia etc.
    2. Users are guided to consult other libraries/resources to satisfy their information need when relevant resources are not available in our library.
    3. Users are provided bibliographical information related to their queries.
    4. Our library is Institutional Member of American Information Resource Centre, Kolkata. Thus five users of our library can issue books simultaneously.
    5. Lecture notes are downloaded from websites of other institutes and those are provided to users especially to students on demand through HOD of respective department.
    6. Printing of Internet materials are done only on requisition of the Head of the departments. Syllabi are printed and kept in the library for use by both teachers and students.
    7. Some important manuscripts and rare books are kept and preserved separately in the library. These are issues and used only on demand of the user and with special permission of the authority.
    8. Assistance is extended to users when surfing N-LIST.

Library is still in need of additional storage space and shelving due to the annual increase in acquisitions of books and journals. The library also needs additional student and teacher separate study facilities. Library is also committed to provide services that support the college and facilitate learning nature through use the technology.  Due to the academic growth of recent century and increased user strength the library is in need of space to properly implement the library services.